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Most tenants are not aware that should they have a dispute with their landlord (be it rent, management fees, repairs, renewals, etc.) they have recourse to a “consumer friendly” court system known as the Lands Tribunal. Commercial tenancy too may allow the tenant protection that the tenants may be unaware of whether this be questions of maintenance, enjoyment and renewal of their tenancy arises. These legal facts and procedures mean that a tenant may have a legal rights to continue in possession of their premises despite what the landlord’s wishes.

Thousands and thousands of Hong Kong dollars can be saved by proper lease structuring and with a thorough knowledge of your legal rights under the ‘lease system’ in Hong Kong. Most tenants are not fully knowledgeable as to the extent of their rights and duties and those of their landlord when it comes to be agreeing rents, terminating leases and negotiating new tenancies.

Weir & Associates has gathered an experienced team who are ready to provide guidance to clients experiencing difficulties in this area; we are well equipped to provide advice and services to our clients as to legally efficient, money saving strategies to save you money.

At Weir & Associates we have handled hundreds of cases in this area successfully representing client interests.