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Representing over 50 financial institutions in Asia, Weir & Associates has a well-earned reputation as a business-minded, transaction-oriented law firm.

Our team of lawyers has multi-jurisdictional qualifications and consists of several teams each skilled in a different branch of law. The work of our clients is handled not only on a basis to ensure the success of the matter at hand but also with regard to our client’s long term interests. This results-orientated approach enables Weir & Associates to build bridges and not roadblocks for our clients’ transactions. We also have long standing relationships with multinational law practices worldwide.

Weir & Associates is the sole Hong Kong representative member of the following networks:

  • Mackrell International, a global network of independent law firms, with 90 members representing 4,500 lawyers and attorneys working out of 170 offices in 60 countries.
  • LatamLex, a leading global law firm, operating in 6 offices in Central America, with more than 100 years of experience.
  • World Link For Law, an international association of 70 law firms with 80 offices in 47 countries.
  • Legal Counsel International (LCI) is a worldwide network of lawyers and law firms which have significant experience. LCI takes a practical approach to international business transactions and cross border commercial ventures.

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Weir & Associates is a Hong Kong law firm
geared to provide comprehensive legal solutions through access to a wide range of resources. For further information, please contact us by telephone, email or fax.

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