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Most tenants are not aware that should they have a dispute with their landlord (be it rent, management fees, repairs, renewals, etc.) they have recourse to a “consumer friendly” court system known as the Lands Tribunal. Commercial tenancy too may allow the tenant protection that the tenants may be unaware of whether this be questions of maintenance, enjoyment and renewal of their tenancy arises. These legal facts and procedures mean that a tenant may have a legal rights to continue in possession of their premises despite what the landlord’s wishes.


Many residential tenants are not aware of their rights and duties within a landlord-tenant relationship. With proper advice, a tenant can negotiate preferable leasing terms; particularly those terms that dictate rent, payment structure, and termination. Similarly, commercial tenants can also negotiate terms relating to matters including maintenance, enjoyment, and renewal of tenancy. Landlords also have rights and duties within the landlord-tenant relationship and often need legal representation as well.