Our People

The Weir & Associates team has a background in law, consulting, strategy & operations, but the most important common denominator across the team is our passion for business.


We are confident of our lawyers’ expertise in handling a diverse range of cases. Our firm’s ability to source necessary related professional support (investigation agencies, forensic experts, chemists, quantity surveyors, engineers, architects, tax advisors, accounting professionals, corporate secretarials, investment advisors and like service providers) allows us to provide the quality, in-depth and professional service required by our clients both individuals and corporate alike.

Mr. Shane F. Weir 

B.A. LL.B. , Partner,  韋雅成, 律師

Mr. Weir qualified as a solicitor in Hong Kong and United Kingdom. He is also a licensed barrister, solicitor and notary public in Canada since 1978. He established the Hong Kong firm in March 1985. He was admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales…

Mr. Page T.H. Wai

LL.B, Partner, 衞紫熊, 律師

Mr. Wai was born and educated in Hong Kong.  He received his LL.B. and PCLL from City University of Hong Kong.  His interest lies in the areas of corporate/commercial, foreign investment, corporate finance, conveyancing and civil litigation.  He speaks English and Cantonese.

Ms. Olivia Dong

B.A., J.D. , Partner, 唐嘉茵, 律師

Olivia Dong is a qualified Hong Kong solicitor. He was born and raised in Canada.  She obtained her Bachelors degree in Criminology and Psychology from Simon Fraser University followed by her Juris Doctor degree and P.C.LL from the City University of Hong Kong...

Mr. Dennis M. W. Lee

B.A. LL.B. , Solicitor , 李銘尉 , 律師

Dennis first joined our firm in 2008 as paralegal. He passed his P.C.LL at City University of Hong Kong in 2012 and continues to work with the firm as Associate Solicitor. He has been assisting mainly in Personal Injuries, Matrimonial and other civil matters as well as Trademarks and Patent applications in...

Mr. Arthur B. Crook

B.A. LL.B. , Consultant , 高博文 ,顧問

Mr. Crook is a qualified Hong Kong solicitor. He was born and raised in Canada. After earning his B.A. from the University of Winnipeg in 1981, Mr. Crook obtained his LL.B. in 1988 from the University of Toronto. He was admitted to the Ontario Bar in…

Mr. David Liang

B.A., LL.B. , Trainee Solicitor , 見習律師

Mr. Liang joined our firm as a trainee solicitor after completing his PCLL in the University of Hong Kong in 2017. Prior to his PCLL, he obtained his B.B.A. and LL.B. from the University of Hong Kong in 2013 and 2015 respectively. He had the experience of working as a paralegal...

Ms. Van Kong

B.A., LL.B. , Trainee Solicitor , 江卓姿 ,見習律師

Ms. Kong joined our firm as a trainee solicitor after completing his PCLL in the University of Hong Kong in 2018. She had the experience of working as a paralegal in various law firms in Hong Kong before commencing his traineeship. She speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Mr. Brett Braude

Support Professional

Through our Macau affiliate and US Counsel, Mr. Brett Braude, we rely on a legal practice group in Macau with broad experience as one of the leading real estate and casino/hotel development firm advisors.

Mr. Braude qualified as a lawyer in New York and Washington, has been involved in cross border real estate transactions in North America,..

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