Frequently, companies require prompt legal advice but hesitate to employ costly full-time legal advisers.  Weir & Associates presently offers corporate clients “Virtual Legal-In House”, a legal support service to provide clients with what they require when they need it: whether this might entail support for client's complete operations or a specific project a support plan can be implemented either at the client’s office or at Weir & Associates

As legal support needs vary with projects and times, we can designate appropriate clerks, paralegals, legal assistants, legal executives or solicitors to assist you on an hourly, daily or weekly basis in the required area of law and level of support.  We can also meet specific legal needs for matters outside Hong Kong with solicitors licensed in multiple jurisdictions and experienced in particular areas bringing with them the ability to supply support staff fluent in different languages.

“Virtual Legal In-House” provides clients with service and financial benefits.  Our clients gain access to the broad legal capabilities of Weir & Associates as and when necessary.  As we become familiar with our client’s internal aspects, we can identify their legal requirements and provide enhanced services more quickly.  We can even assign particular personnel on a specific rota to deliver a specific area or level of services to maintain continuity.

Essentially, “Virtual Legal In-House” allows clients to customize their legal needs, as a result they only pay for services when they require them and avoid maintaining permanent partially utilized legal staff.  Details of our standard charges are provided in the attached Tariff for Legal Advice, which can be further customized for the client’s needs. 

We would be pleased to discuss in further detail how “Virtual Legal-In House” can help you.